About Us

Ebizteam has started their online business initiative as Ebizteam in 1998 by creating the first English Search Engine of Turkey followed by guide series for Travel, Culture and Turkish Cities. This Project was called as Asiaminor- Expedition of the Grand Anatolia. Then a Bookstore and Turkish Music Library have also been added. Asiaminor Project was the first Project leased the Turkish Government in 2000 for being used as Turkey’s information hub in Hannover Expo 2000. Due to hectic Turkish business environment, Ebizteam has extended its business initiatives to overseas as UK, US, The Netherlands and Australia and started running affiliate marketing business along with creating an analytics tool for affiliate marketers. Wishica.com is a brand new store directory providing the latest social metrics about stores for its user base along with shopping guides and useful tips. Wishica.com has also a social commerce approach to immensely increase the user base. Firuze Gokce is also one of the cofounding charter members of the Performance Marketing Association in the US and head of the Europe Special Interest Group. (http://performancemarketingassociation.com/2-new-sigs-european-market-and-mobile-advertising) Firuze Gokce was also honoured to be one of the judges of the The Affiliate Marketing Awards 2012 (http://theaffiliatemarketingawards.com/judges/) which was held in San Francisco, US April, 3rd 2012.